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The Holidays…

It’s been a busy December, and the kids are out of school. That makes writing anything hard, including the blog. I’ll get back on 2-4 posts a month in January, I’m sure. For now here’s a rough idea of what I want the cover for book 8 to look like. Those of


A Nest or a Tomb?

There are several reasons I’m hugely advocating for colonies off Earth. The asteroid threat. The plague threat. Nuclear war. Coronal Mass Ejection. And supervolcanoes. Supervolcanoes are classified on the Volcanic Explosivity Index as VEI 8. We had a VEI 7 event almost 2 centuries ago at Tambora. The year that erupted was


Titan: Capital of the Outer Solar System.

I’ve long thought that Mars was a natural target for Mankind to diversify our location and to create a species that can’t be wiped out by one tragedy. I always thought, “Moon, then Mars.” I’m not so sure anymore. With the discovery of lava tubes on the Moon, it is improving on


New Book Release and what’s going on

It’s been a while! I’ve been busy. As I posted in another post months ago we bought a house in May. We’ve upgraded our first room, so the last few weeks have been about that, creating a woodshop in my garage, and, of course, releasing the 6th book in the Dark Seas


Around to Mars in 40 Days

NASA has recently announced an ion drive with sufficient thrust to get a spaceship to Mars in 40 days. Let’s admit that is fast. Chemical rockets can get a spaceship to 5kms or so, this new ion drive can get a ship to 25kms. That’s as fast as a meteor, pretty much.



I was thinking tonight of the things needed to have a technological civilization arise from the primordial dust. And the rules that apply for us, apply for aliens as well. I believe intelligent life is as rare as gold in the universe. A number of factors come into play, I’ll make a


General Update:

So a couple of things have been snagging my interest lately. The first of which is the aquarium I set up. As you can see, plenty of fish are now in the tank. My goal has been to get the river bottom look, and I think it’s come close. CO2 injection is


Book 6

I’ve finished Book 6 in first draft, made a second pass, and am finishing my final edit before I get a copy to my editor. I was writing it when I realized that I wrote past the point where I wanted to end the book. Thanks to that, Book 7 is 10,000


The Age of Aquarium

I’ve had aquariums for most of my life, and not the goldfish and a beta kind. Professional level aquariums that people would pay huge bucks for.   I haven’t had one since we moved to Colorado because until recently, we didn’t own a house here. Now we do. So here is my


Comic Con!

This weekend is Colorado Springs Comic Con, I’ll be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. My table is #1310, so if you want to stop by and chat I’d love that. Or I’ll sign a book for you if you want. I suppose it should probably be mine, but what do I care