I have book 1 out being read by beta readers. I am outlining book 2. I’ve discovered that to write a book, I need to hit critical mass. Sort of like a uranium stack, if I reach critical mass the right reactions happen. 

After book 1 I really just wanted to be done with it for a bit.  But ideas keep seeping into my head, like high energy neutrons. They strike a neuron, and BAM! an idea would fission out of it. That idea floats around in my cranium for a while, then it hits something and another reaction occurs.  Book 2 is sort of taking shape in my downtime, when I’m away from the computer. Talking to a friend about book 1 the other day, an idea for book 2 came to me. Fortunately for her, my cranium is a safe containment system for the ideas, or they might rocket out and start a critical cascade in HER mind. 🙂

Silliness. But my point is that I was unable to rush right into book 2 successfully. I wanted to slam out 50,000 words for Nanowrimo, but instead felt that it was weighing me down. I set Nano aside and gave up on it, because I’m discovering that deadlines and quotas aren’t how I write. I might write eight chapters in one day, or I might write one chapter in two weeks, but they have to come as they come. After, I suppose, the ideas have banged around on the neurons enough that critical mass is reached. 

I went to Writer’s Write today, and although I didn’t offer up my writing, I read the writings of my peers. Exceptional as always. Inspiring. Motivational.

I feel that soon book 2 is going to explode from me, in a plethora of ideas and creativity. 

We’ll see.

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