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Not much of a poet, but I had to put this somewhere.

I was sitting at my desk, eyes closed, thinking about the world. I don’t normally write poetry, and this probably sucks, but here it is. If you can’t tell, I’m not exactly a fan of how life is unfolding in my nation at the moment. Fascists on both sides of the argument


The Rise and Fall of Civilization.

Much of my life, since I got my first copy of Sid Meier’s Civilization for my Amiga 3000 in 1990 if memory serves, I’ve been a huge fan. I’ve been loyal to the series over the years, an adamant supporter. I watched as the simple mechanics of Civ I were expanded on


Why I am an Amazon Author.

When I wrote the first of the Dark Seas series I presented it to about thirty agents. I got a lot of help from them, quite a few responses. The first book became two, for example. A common response. “I love the writing, but your main character isn’t relatable, likable, etc.” That


The Depths of War Successfully Launched.

The Depths of War was successfully published on July 14th, 2017. So far it’s doing well on Amazon, and I’m quite happy about that. If you’re interested in book 5 of the Dark Seas Series, you can get it directly here: The Depths of War If you’re interested in the series, you


Point A to Point B

One of the most important factors in writing space based science fiction is: “How do my characters get from point A to point B?” That’s an easy answer if point A and B are on the same planet. But when point A and B grow farther apart, even if it’s only as


Book Blurb for The Depths of War

This is the blurb on the Amazon Kindle page for The Depths of War, book 5 in the Dark Seas series. Within the next few days it will be available as a preorder, releasing on 7/14 for weekend reading. __________________________________ Epic Space Opera on a massive scale. Sarah Dayson has done everything


Book Blurbs.

I’ve been writing new blurbs for my books. I feel that is probably the weak spot in my efforts to get them to readers. Here are the first two to be revised. The Anvil of Dust and Stars Epic Space Opera In the future, the human race is slowly dying. After millennia


The Future We Might Know

A lot of papers have talked about the idea of science fiction becoming science fact. This is particularly pervasive in the Star Trek universe. We now have our smart phones (communicators), tricorders, and we’re teleporting particles at a quantum level.  Remember the hyposprays that McCoy would use on Kirk or Spock every



When a person is asked “Who are you?” they often will say their name, or point to their body. The question of who we are is a lot more in depth that where we are.  Or is it? Consciousness is something that nobody has been able to define. We know when we


Finished Book 5

The Depths of War is now completed, except the for the process I am about to detail below. I’d be curious to see how other Indie Authors handle the process of completing a book. Here’s mine. I write <<< To Be Continued >>> for my series, or <<< The End >>> for