Book 8 in the Dark Seas series is progressing, I wrote a chapter today where Sarah Dayson is finally getting to deliver some pain to the Hive, not just take the pain they send her way. I have an excerpt below.

In other news, my old dog, Jake, was put to sleep last Sunday, August 30th. My office is so quiet now. He was the best of dogs, loyal, intelligent, and kind to people.

In other other news, Book 3 of the Worlds at War series is in voice production, and should be out on Audible by the middle of next month. Then book 4 will likely go into production toward the end of the year.

In totally different news, it was 91 degrees at my house yesterday. Today it is 37 degrees and snowing. We’re having the earliest freeze on record. Technically it’s still summer, although the sound of my furnace running says otherwise.

In unrelated news, my 560SL is going into the shop for a repaint, a new interior, and a new soft top tomorrow. I’m excited about that, as I’ve had the car 10 years and have been waiting to restore it. Jake loved riding in it, but he was a slobbery mess. I wanted to wait until he was gone because I wouldn’t have felt right denying him his rides because of a restoration.

No more news. I’m fresh out.

‘Til next time.


Salphan gave her a quick kiss. “I’m going to make a list of those I want for my team. I want to make sure I have time to get them here and work out our own tactics.”

She looked at him, feeling her face fill with affection. “You do that. I’ll see you when my watch is over. Arrange dinner in between your schemes.”

“Schemes?” he said sarcastically, “I think not. More like the thoughts of a combat genius.”

Laughing, she pushed him toward the bridge hatch. “Get going, genius. I have actual work to do.”

As he left, she turned to the tactical screen once more.

Orphasi was a molten ball behind the shockwave. It would be hours before the wave went all the way around the planet and met on the other side. Would the destruction be so severe all that way?

She’d find out.

How deep did into the crust did the damage go? She assumed the Hive had underground complexes.

Did anything Hive still exist on that world? If their complexes weren’t turned to liquid, they probably succumbed to the concussive force. But she didn’t know.

An important question that needed to be resolved.


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