A lot has happened. Is happening.

So over the holidays I might have been bad at keeping up the blog. Okay, I’m always bad. But eventually I remember and get back to it. The good news? A lot has happened.

The Depths of Aerth is in editing and will be released by mid-Febraury at the latest. The cover is done. The file is with Amazon. They know it’s coming. Let’s consider that one in the book. 😉

I just sent an offer to the man who narrated book 1 to narrate book 2 of the Worlds at War Series. The plan is to get that book out by mid-May, the next one out by August/September, and The Depths of Aerth out by December.

I started writing book 8 of the Dark Seas series, it’s 6% done. LOL! Seriously, though, it felt very good to slip back into my scifi robes and get going on that track again.

Monthly sales are in the hundreds, and I expect that to continue to increase as my ad budget does as well.

Outside of writing, my wife and I are considering moving out of Colorado, because the state is raising taxes, taking rights away from people, and generally just doing the sort of things that I think should only happen in a tyranny, not in the USA. Let Freedom Ring. We plan on sticking it out until our daughters get through college, which is 6 years from now, but if we can’t, well, Florida here we come. If one is going to pay high sales taxes and fees, that should come with warm beaches, palm trees, and open top automobiles, right?

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