Art for later covers

I’ve been working on art for later covers in the Worlds at War series. So far I have a tank I want to put on the cover of Book 5, you can see if you can figure out why a German VK20.01 would be relevant to the story.

VK 20.01

In addition I’ve started working on characters. I am buying model shots off and modifying them as I like to fit the image I have of the character. Well, by ‘shots’, I mean a few shots, like three, and by ‘them’ I mean one so far.

Cylethe, Dek Mage

I have a model shot for Irsu. I have another shot, but haven’t decided if I like it for the character yet.

Regardless, it’s a pretty fun exercise, and now when I write the characters I can get a feel for what they look like. Yes, I know in the book Cylethe doesn’t wear a lot of clothing. But I can hardly go around posting that sort of thing. So here she is. ^^^^

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