A missed Star Trek opportunity

So once again Star Trek has predicted the future. We now have “Alcosynth”, which is basically everything “Synthohol” was on Star Trek. All the good times, none of the hangover.

I’ll probably wait a few years before I give it a try. Because I don’t want to grow a third arm unexpectedly.

But check this out, it’s really cool.


Not only that, but another group just teleported a particle several kilometers. Quantum teleportation. Not exactly the transporter, but remember, those weren’t in Enterprise. So they didn’t come around until later anyway. I’m like Bones in regard to them. I wouldn’t use one. I’m not a fan of the idea of being disassembled, then reassembled in another location. I’ll pass. But Synthohol? Heck yeah, I’ll try that out at some point.


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