Woah! Too long

It’s been too long, and I apologize.

Here’s what’s been keeping me busy:

1. The Depths of Aerth is 4 chapters from being complete. It’s been a pleasure to write, and I have been deep in it for a while now. I expect release to be in January.

2. The audiobook for The Dragons of Dunkirk is completed! Yes!!!! I have paid the narrator, ACX (Audible) has marked it as complete and they are in final review of the audio which should take no longer than December 9th to complete. It’s all done on my end, I’m just waiting for them.

3. House stuff. Home ownership is expensive and hard. Durrrr. I knew that, but I bought the one I’m in with my wife anyway. Keeps me hopping.

4. Holidays. Buying for 3 teen girls… well, one 20 year old and 2 teens, is harder than you’d think. But I’m slowly getting them things to make them smile on Christmas morning.

1 and 2 are really what’s taking so much time, and this isn’t the complete list. The Anvil of Dust and Stars is getting a rewrite as I’ve run it through my critique group and they’ve helped make it better. It was my first book, after all, and I’ve learned much since writing it.

Hopefully I’ll post more, but it might not be a thing until after January 2nd. Because, as you all know, life is busy.

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