The Men of War: Release Day!

Today is release day for The Men of War. Book 3 in the Worlds at War Series, it’s been a while coming, I know. I confess, at times I wonder if writing is something I should be better organized with. Currently I have two series going, and ideas for more. I have a book called Odd Space that I am writing, it’s along the lines of Hitchhikers Guide meets a superhero origins story.

I don’t need to make excuses; you can expect me to release when I can. Another book is coming up ‘soon’, but I’ve learned better than to give dates. It’s with my editor right now. When she is finished, I’ll do final edits and release it. Book 7 in the Dark Seas Series, titled Reality’s Veil.

After that two more books in the Dark Seas Series, and an unknown number in the WWII Fantasy, but I will limit myself to the one series. Only after that’s done will I write the prequel book(s) for Dark Seas. Also a second Serum novel, and potentially the Blood series. That’s a series I want to write about different ways mankind might come to the apocalypse and fictional accounts of those events.

Thank you for being readers, I will keep delivering, but on a schedule? Nah. That just ain’t me. Just like, apparently, religiously dedicating myself to regular blog posts isn’t me.

The Men of War

The Men of War

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