Let’s talk about February.

A new book released this month. The Depths of Aerth. It’s already selling well on Amazon, and I’m hoping to have the next three books, including this one, on Audible by the end of the year.

This is the best month I’ve had for sales by far. 200 straight sales, and 100,000+ Kindle Unlimited page reads for all of my books summed together this month.

What’s planned for the future?

Next is book 8 in the Dark Seas series. Then we’ll flip to book 5 in the Worlds at War series. Then back to book 9 for the Dark Seas, and that will conclude that series. That will then be my 15th novel.

I’m posting a concept cover for book 5 in the Worlds at War series, currently titled The Dark of Knight. I haven’t done the cover for book 8 of the Dark Seas series yet, because I’ve changed my concept a bit and the old cover I made won’t work. I even changed the title, the name of this one will be The Hammer Falls.

Other than that, it’s the same old thing. Family, friends, winter weather in Colorado, cooking, video games, and hanging out with some of my favorite authors every few weeks.

So February has been good. A record sales month with four days to go. And I’ll raise a glass to March being even better.

And to all of you, my readers, I’ll raise a glass as well. You’re spectacular, and the conversations I have with you on Facebook on my author page are something I truly love. If I become big, and trust me, that’s the plan, I’ll be right there talking to you, listening to you, answering your emails, and admiring your ingenuity as you point out my mistakes, give me tips on making things better, and discuss history and science with me. Thank you for all of that.

The concept cover for book 5 in the Worlds at War series.

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