Space Opera. And covers!

I work in leaps.  And sometimes the bounds just don’t happen.  I’ll write 15-20,000 words in a few weeks, then nothing for two months. Sometimes I beat myself up for that. Not a space opera beatdown, but still, I’m tough on me.

“JUST SIT DOWN AND WRITE!” <bang head on desk>

The next character’s story is even in my head.  But if I don’t want to write it yet, then I won’t do it right if I do.  Turns out that to be good at something you have to sort of be into it at that moment, or get paid for it.  And I’m way in the whole when it comes to $$$ for my writing, mainly because I spend money on advertising and I tend to give a trade paperback away now and then… and order posters. And banners with my cover art… you know, writer stuff.

So I’m not sure when the bug is going to hit me next.  Eris Dantora needs to get into trouble and break Peter Corriea’s heart with the unfortunate turn of events that follows.  Shuttle engine trouble can be so hard on relationships.

The story is in my head.  I work on it each night before I go to bed as I lay on my pillow.  I swear. But getting it to paper is going to happen only when it’s the right time, I suppose.

Not to say all of my time is wasted. I have a rough cover design for my 3rd book in the series.



Space Opera - Renegades - Science Fiction - Book Cover -  Damon Alan

Those bad guys. Why do they keep bothering us?


That cover might clue you in a bit about something that goes down. What’s military space opera without at least a little radiation? Not all of science fiction is necessarily violent, and indeed, most of my book content isn’t violent directly. But some of it is needed to move the good guys into motion, right?

Alright. Time for bed. Got to work on Eris’s horrific fate in my head. 😉


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