It’s been a while

A lot has happened in the last month!

Let’s start with the good. First and foremost, I suppose, is that Renegades is now published. Available on Amazon in print or ebook format, Fleet Captain Sarah Dayson continues her battle to save humanity, one enemy at a time. I just got 10 copies in the mail yesterday.

The second thing that’s happened on the good side is I am going to be published in the September issue of Mensa’s newsletter, The Mind. A short piece of fiction I wrote called “This Here Universe Ain’t Big Enough…”

My wife and I, after living on all sides of Colorado Springs and in several houses, have finally decided to buy the one we’re in. So as soon as we put back the $$$ for a down payment, we’ll be homeowners once again. It’s been almost a decade.

The bad… I got a spinal injection, and this is probably the main reason I haven’t posted much. A needle in the vertebrae. Or in between them, to be precise. For leg pain. The good news is worked, the bad news is that it’s caused numbness in my left hand that makes typing a pain in the booty. But I’m adapting.

Book 4 of the Dark Seas series is started, and I think it’s going to be awesome. We’ll see a resurgence of the warship Stennis, as well as a game changing method of warfare that Sarah Dayson will prepare to take to the enemy, aka the Hive. The first large scale application of that will probably be in book 5.


So you’re all caught up! Here’s a link to Renegades. I like it a lot, it is getting the story where it needs to be for the battles to come. Not that this one doesn’t have a battle. It has a big one, at least in the sense of how it changes Sarah Dayson.

Renegades, Book 3 of the Dark Seas Series. Click this line!

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