Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you.

Let’s hope 2017 is awesome, and doesn’t upset the apple cart any more than it already was by 2016.

I was on the radio on January 1st and 2nd (the 2nd was a repeat). Interested in hearing it? This is the link.

Damon Alan on the radio.

Thank you KCME 88.7 here in Colorado Springs for letting me have that opportunity.

Saturday the 7th I’ll be at Hooked on Books signing my latest release, but the 7th is RELEASE DAY for Stennis, book 4 in the Dark Seas series. Woot! I hope you like it.

Book 5 is well underway, 12,000 words written.

In real life news, everything has been quiet here. I’m a bit relieved the holidays are over, I hope to start posting more science again on here. It’s been a while, I know. You can find the Facebook presence for Dark Seas Books and get more activity there, but still, I’ve been hanging with family and haven’t kept up like I should for the last few weeks.

Here is the link to book 4 if you’re interested, right now it’s just on Kindle, although I have printed copies for you if you want them. Just come see me Saturday at Hooked on Books just east of Cascade on the north side of Bijou street. 😉

The paperback will be available on Amazon in January. I just need to hit the release button.

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