A first step toward Refuge

It seems like there should be something monumental about creating a blog to put your experiences into writing.  I’m actually putting my experiences about writing into writing. 

I’ve decided to take the step that so many take and write a novel.  Three in fact.  I know the odds are against it, but I do have the fire in my belly so to speak, so I think I will have a go at it.  I have been told that 1 in 10 will try to write a novel.  1 out of 10 of those who try to write a novel will complete it.  1 out of 10 of those will get it published.  1 out of 10 of those will write a second novel.

So let’s see, that’s 10% of 10% of 10% of 10%.  So if what that person told me is true, 30 million American want to or will start to write a book.  3 million will write it.  300,000 will get published.  30,000 will write a second book.

My question then is what percentage make their living at it?  I suspect that’s quite small, although I know a few successful writers. 

I’m a very lucky man.  My wife is a nurse, and a quite successful one.  So I get the luxury of being a housedad and bum for a few years to see if I can step up to the plate and get a book published.

I’m going to try to post about my experience three times a week.  I am writing science fiction so there is a lot of research into science, of course.  I am learning a phenomenal amount.  So far I’ve had to research orbital mechanics, some math, and a bit of biology. 

I’ll be posting about what I’ve researched and learned.  I’ll be posing questions to you, the educated reader, to see what your opinions are.  In fact, I have one situation to post this week that I’d like to hear responses about.  At least once I have some followers. 

Let’s say that humans colonize a K4 class orange dwarf star.  These humans live on a planet that is much larger than Earth, although less dense so the surface gravity is 1.16g.  The atmosphere is thicker, therefore more efficient at keeping out UV light than ours.  The K4 star already produces significantly less UV to start with.  The planet orbits at about 65 million kilometers.  10-12,000 years pass.  What evolutionary events will unfold during this time?  Here are the ones I’ve thought of.

Since the UV count is significantly smaller, the population would lose the pigmentation that protects from UV light.  Very white skin, blonde hair, and very albino features.  Do you think this would be the evolutionary result?  If not, why not?

The peak light of a K4 star is shifted toward the red end of the spectrum from our own Sun, would the eyes of the inhabitants of such a planet potentially move their visible light perception range lower as well?  Would violet be invisible to them just as ultraviolet is to us?  Would they have lower frequency colors, something below red?  Let’s call it low-red.  Is 10K years enough to facilitate this?

They’d probably be shorter and stouter with the 16% increase in gravity.  Would their respiratory system change with a thicker atmosphere that has a lower oxygen content? 

The planet is less dense than Earth, it doesn’t have the Thea impact that created the moon in its history.  Metals are far less common in the crust.  How would that affect the biology of creatures?  Would they be anemic or would they have adapted to a lower concentration of iron in the environment? 

How would Earth plantlife behave in such a world? 

My next post I’ll share a bit more about myself and my intentions with these novels. 

I wish I had a prize for my first follower, but I think I’ll just say Thanks.  Learning all sorts of science and discussing the future of humanity will be your reward.

’til next.

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