I just wanted to share that revision is the worst part.  There are a couple of reasons.

These words have come out of my mouth in the last few days.

“I ******* wrote that?”

“Oh my GOD, I just want to play one more game of World of Tanks, THEN I’ll get started.”

“This is why I didn’t work in an office before.  I hate paperwork.”

“Christ, Jake!  Stop it!”  (My dog gassed me out of the room.  Seriously.)

I am working on chapter 6 at the moment, printing the chapters as I think they’re done.  I’m putting them in a nice binder, ready to hand them off to a beta reader once I have completed the entire book.  I am not looking forward to chapters 12-30, that’s where the most loose ends and unfulfilled subplots are going to be, and probably the most work. 

I do love telling a good story, though, so I’m back to it.  It’s 10:30, I have a good 5-6 hours in me tonight.

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