Some science in the science fiction

I will, of course, try to explain more as time passes of the science that I’m putting in my books.  There are some liberties, but I do try to stick to the science as much as possible.

Here are a couple of examples. 

This is a link to a paper that discusses gravity, specifically gravity waves (which carry my fifth force in the novel) and gravitons (which are used in the FTL drive system of the Michael Stennis).

If it is found that gravity exists in waves, or in gravitons, it will potentially be possible to alter them in some fashion, just as it was recently discovered that photons could be altered to create a new state of pseudo-matter.

In the backstory of my book, Schwarzchild-Kerr lenses manipulate gravity like a glass lens manipulates light to some degree, although not to the point that it allows artificial gravity on ships.  The SK lens allows the FTL drive to warp space before and behind the fleet of ships that move FTL.

Another thing, and I found this after I wrote the description of black holes as writhing demons into my story, is this:

This is interesting, because I have the adepts in my book refer to black holes as “tentacled demons” because of the unevenness of gravity around them. 

I love when science catches up to my fiction before I’m even able to get it published. 😉

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