Getting older…

I’m having heart tests done.  My cholesterol is, according to the doctors office I just talked too, “troublesome”. 

I’m not sure what that means, but hey, I’ve spent a lifetime being trouble. Not least of all for myself.

But I find the indignity of growing older to be the most troublesome of all things.  Your body starts to fail you in ways that rob you of your dignity, and eventually your mind does the same.  Unless providence removes you early, you finish life the same way you start it, in diapers and drooling on yourself.  Probably just as stinky too.

I’m only 47 (to which my daughter would say, “only?”) but I can see it coming down the tracks. I keep my mind healthy, but I haven’t really done the same for the rest of me. So I’m converting my desk into a standing/sitting desk, so that I might try to stand more.  My wife and I are talking about buying a Total Gym and changing our basement into a place to get into shape.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but I respond well to the reward/task instructional method so I’ll probably be fit as Hell if I’m rewarded with sex, delicious food, or a 1963 Corvette.  Any or all in a combination will do.  An old Apache pickup truck would do as well.  Or a Model A Cabriolet.

But even if the hook sinks in and I go for that bait, it’s just a matter of time.

Where the hell is the cyborg future I was promised as a kid?

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