Sorry for the lack of a post, during the holiday season the posting may be limited.  Family stuff, shopping I don’t want to really do, etc.  My mood improves with the new year, as an introvert I find December to be a month of incredible stress and very tiring.

It’s snowing outside.  Weatherman promised 12-18″.  Then 6-10″.  Now it’s looking like much less.  I like when snowfall predictions go the other way.  12-18″ turns into 24″.  Now that’s an improvement in the forecast.  It means staying home and eating warm homemade goodies, watching the kids build a snowman from a nice warm window, and/or joining them to hurl a few well crafted snowballs.

Not at the moment, though.  It’s 9 degrees and we’re 11″ short of the original promise.

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