One of my life’s most happy things are dogs. I usually have a dog, and I’ve had some that are amazing.

I was reading the internet today (not all of it, whew!) when I stumbled across an article about the intelligence of dogs. This is the headline:

Yale Study: Canine Minds Far More Complex Than Originally Thought

You think? Every dog owner knows how smart these little guys are. Or in the case of my Jake, not so little. Jake practically knows English, and my last dog, Maggie was even better. You had to censor your conversations in front of her or the next thing you know she’d be at the door waiting to go for a car ride, standing at the treat box waiting for that, or waiting at the back door to go out. She even learned to spell, eventually, and r-i-d-e or p-o-t-t-y would set her off bouncing around the house.
Both Jack and Maggie are/were Yellow Labradors. Before them I had a German Shepherd named Athena. Athena was every bit as smart as the labs, but she had the added component of being an amazing protection dog.

I’ll never be without a dog in my life. My next one may well be a Shepherd again, although I hope that’s many years from now. Jake is 9, in perfect health, and I think he can give me another 6 or 7 years of happiness and companionship. Which is a two way street. This dog celebrates my presence. He will bounce up and down and moan he’s so happy when I walk in the door. You just can’t get that sort of loyalty anywhere else unless you’re a rock star.

Here is the article. It’s interesting, but I already knew everything that’s in it. As I look at Jake laying here next to me, I realize that what really matters is the bond that man forms with dog. When I see a dog abused I am outraged. When I see a dog treated well I’m filled with warmth.

Dogs are our best friends. They don’t know how to be anything else unless we teach them. That’s the wrong lesson to teach. Love your dog. Praise him. Give him tasty treats because dogs focus around two things. Us and food. Make sure your dog gets plenty of both.

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