Preparing for a summer of fun… and writing

Life can’t be all work and no play.

I got my ATV back from the Tracker Marine repair shop last week. They replaced the glow plugs. That’s right. Glow plugs. It’s an Arctic Cat 700 diesel.

I have a few changes of my own to make before things are done, and it’s supposed to be warm tomorrow. So hopefully they’ll get done.

Change the oil.

Advance the timing 2-3 degrees. Turn up the fuel regulator just a tad. The goal is to get the little Lombardini engine to the point where it just starts to puff black smoke. At that point it will be timed for maximum power and torque.

Then change the oil in my wife’s Bombardier Outlander 400. No engine changes. 😉

We just rejoined our local ATV group, Colorado Quad Runners. I’m hoping to be on the trails very soon.

Other than that I’ve been thinking a lot about Renegades.

I’ve decided to change it significantly. I just wrote a battle scene that dramatically sets the future tone between Orson (the bad guy) and Sarah Dayson. And it’s not a good tone.

So with that in place, I need to rewrite Orson to make him a bit less laughable and somewhat more intimidating.

I just released Serum, so taking some months to make sure Renegades is the best it can be is probably the smart move.

And I will probably do some video gaming too. I’m not sure how many are familiar with Steam, but it’s a game service that allows you to buy games and it keeps track of them. It also keeps track of accomplishments (goals reached) in the games you play. I’m trying to win Civ V with every leader.

Hey. We all need goals for when we can’t write or go outside.


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