I know it’s been too long since I’ve released a book. I’m not George RR Martin in that category, but it’s been 11 months and that’s too long to be honest.

The good news is I have the third book in the Worlds at War series sitting next to me on my desk, critiqued except for the last 3 chapters and almost ready for publication.

The bad news is it will still be four weeks or so before you see it.

More good news is I have book 7 in the Dark Seas series almost ready to go, I want to write a few more chapters to add some action earlier in the book. So I will be releasing two books over the next three months, most likely.

More bad news, in a sense, is that I am part of an excellent critique group now that I am running my writing through as I can, and it’s probably not going to allow me to publish more than a book ever 3-4 months or so.

The good news is that having a critique group helps to keep me writing, because I have an expectation that I will submit material for them to critique.

Whew! That was up and down.

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