Game of Thrones and Red Star Chickens

Those of you who watch Game of Thrones, are you as upset as I am about the events of this last installment?  Outrageous.  The season finale better be something amazing.

My daughters and I are building a chicken coop today.  Something I haven’t mentioned yet is that I homeschool my kids, I feel public schools are too regimented for these bright young minds.  We school all year, although in the Summer we do take a lot of extra days off.  Today, however, is shop day.

My girls are 7, 9, and 14.  Today they’ll be cutting lumber, measuring, assembling, and painting.  Once that’s done, research has shown us that two or three Red Star chickens will provide all of our egg needs while providing an excellent example of natural food sources for my kids.  Chickens, food in, eggs out.  We also have ants in our backyard, a situation I expect to change once the chickens are allowed to roam within the fenced area.  Ants = chicken treats.

This probably seems like a strange post for a writers blog, but I think one of the lessons I’ve learned in my life is that wide and varied interests translate into wide and varied experience which equals a wide and varied mental database from which to draw when writing is the goal.

Experience life.  Embrace it.

I’m off to build a chicken coop.  Not a kit, mind you, but a coop of our own design made from lumber bought from Lowes.  Maybe I’ll post pictures later.

Everyone enjoy the day.

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