Not everything is a book.

Hard to believe that an author doesn’t put all their time into the books, right?

‘Tis sad, but true.

My wife is creating a company to make card games, and I’ve designed a card game for her to release. It’s called All or Nothing and will be going up on Kickstarter “soon™”, I believe.

Publishing a card game isn’t all that different than getting a book published.

You have to write the game. Design the cards (like cover design in a way) and then find someone to print it.  Unlike a book, there aren’t businesses lined up to print your cards, distribute it, and sell it on Amazon for you at a reasonable price. I’m pretty sure the companies that do print cards make a lot higher profit margin than those that print books. I do realize that there is difference in paper quality, which is probably a big deal, but a deck of cards is more to print than a 400 page book. 

But if you look on retail stands, a custom card game is pretty close to the same price as a trade paperback book.  Which means, per copy sold, my books will be more profitable than a card game.

But not everything is about money. 

Sometimes it’s about checking that box.  I wrote a book.  I created a game.  I did X, Y, or Z in my life.  That’s partially what this is about.  Diversity of experience, and yet another thing my kids can look back on when they’re reflecting on my life someday.  I want them to say, “Dad lived.”, not “Dad just sat around.”

Not to mention they get the legacy.  If any of this stuff goes big, they get to inherit that.

In the end, it’s our deeds, our creations, and our impact on the lives of others that survive us. 

I can think of worse fates than being remembered for games and books.

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