Been working, and a new logo

I’ve been working hard lately, trying to get projects out the door. Mostly on card games.

ALL or NOTHING has now been finalized if the next prototype deck to show up is good. We have a bar code for it, and we’ve incorporated ourselves as ALL or NOTHING, Inc.  Soon it will be available for selling in stores and we will be selling it directly on Amazon.

The next card game in the line has come a long way, including a name and a logo. It’s called Swap Out and the design is coming together nicely. Here is the logo.


I also have a short story ready to submit for a group I’m particularly interested in being published by, called This Here Universe Ain’t Big Enough.

My oldest daughter just turned 17 on the 19th, and she started full time college this semester. She would normally be a junior in high school, but instead is a freshman in college. That makes a father proud, let me tell you.

So yeah, the pedal has been to the metal.

On top of that, my wife and I are low-carb dieting. I’ve lost 15 pounds.

2016 is starting well. I hope it’s going well for all of you.

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