Serum, my next book

Serum, my next book to be released, is almost done.

But what about Renegades, you ask?

Renegades is also almost done, but I don’t want to release two books at once.

So probably by the end of April Serum will be released.

At this time I’m planning on releasing Renegades sometime in June or July.

I’m also revamping my Slayer novelette series, and as soon as I have three works in that set done to my satisfaction I’ll release them all at once. 15,000-25,000 words each, they’ll be on Amazon for $.99.

So if all goes well by the end of 2016 my list of works will include:

Dark Seas Space Opera Series:

  • The Anvil of Dust and Stars (published and available on Amazon)
  • On the Shores of a Dark Sea (published and available on Amazon)
  • Renegades (likely publish date June or July 2016)

Stand Alone Political Thriller: (might become a series if reception is good)

  • Serum (should be out by the end of April)

Slayer Novelettes:

  • Slayer (written, needs edited)
  • Succubus (written, needs edited)
  • Book 3 (not written, not titled, not outlined, not even thought out yet)

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