Stuff in the sky

We don’t really notice things that are reasonably static. When I first moved to Colorado, I marveled at the mountains every day. Now there are days when I don’t even notice them. I thought that would never happen.

We don’t notice our Moon much either, although it’s a spectacular satellite. Other than Pluto-Charon, not other moon in the Solar System is as big relative to its planet as the Moon is to Earth.

But our system could be a lot different, and in my opinion life on Earth would still probably be here. Humans? Probably not, but it’s hard to say.

I like this video because it helps me imagine Ember in the sky over Refuge. It would be static and unmoving, because Refuge is tidally locked to the gas giant. Which makes me wonder. If I lived there, would I get to the point where I wouldn’t even see Ember in the sky? That’s a remarkable thought, isn’t it?

The film is in Russian, but it has subtitles.


Can you imagine that? I think Ember would be about 1/2 the size of Jupiter in the video. Because Refuge orbits three times as far from Ember as Jupiter is shown from us above, but Ember is about 40K larger in diameter.


That’s not all that is cool from the Russians. Here is a video of different stars in place of our Sun.




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