Denver Comic Con

I’ll be at Denver Comic Con over the weekend, talking sci-fi and fantasy with con attendees.

Should be a good time. Feel free to stop by booth A19 and say hi. Maybe, if you’re interested, pick up a book and get it signed even. 🙂

The con should be huuuuuge, with plenty of cosplayers, games, comic book related events, and interesting people galore. I hear the estimated attendance is in the neighborhood of 200,000 people.

I have a housesitter over the weekend to take care of my dogs and Das Kat.

So DCC this coming weekend and then Gen Con for the final huuuuge con of the year. Probably 250,000 or more. Then Colorado Springs Comic Con for the finale. Which isn’t too small itself, 20-30K attend that. I sold roughly 30 books last year and CSCC. Denver is 10x as big, I’m hoping to sell 10x the books. Not for the money, but for the fame, baby!

I have a lot of books to haul to Denver. I hope I don’t have enough. In which event, I have cards and bookmarks to help people get to the right page on Amazon.











I hope to see you there!

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