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Manual labor/Intellectual labor

I’m discovering as I get older that you can’t just simply sit at a desk writing, then expect to do something physical one day a month.  Not if you want to be able to continue to do physical things, anyway.  This week I built a chicken coop.  This involved hefting the wood,


Here we go again!

I have cold fusion feet.  But this particular type of fusion isn’t hydrogen/hydrogen, it’s nickel/hydrogen to copper.  I’ve not personally heard of this before, so my opinion is out until it’s either debunked as other cold fusion has pretty much been or it’s verified by peer reviewed papers and set on the


Pseudo Science

I had a lady try to sell me on a ‘cure all’ today.  It had a name that started with a “T”, but it wasn’t long into her spiel before she told me that this magic “T” cure all would cleanse the toxins from the chemtrails from my body.  I didn’t know


Game of Thrones and Red Star Chickens

Those of you who watch Game of Thrones, are you as upset as I am about the events of this last installment?  Outrageous.  The season finale better be something amazing. My daughters and I are building a chicken coop today.  Something I haven’t mentioned yet is that I homeschool my kids, I


Going to a geek party

It’s the weekend, but I thought I’d toss on a comment about going to a geek party.


Low motivation, Procrastination, and other types of creation stagnation

Writing is a very vulnerable thing. Very vulnerable. You, as the writer, have a story to tell.  You clearly value this story, you are taking the time to write it, after all.  You’re excited about it.  You love it.  In Sci-Fi, you love the gadgets your mind has invented, the expansiveness of


What’s involved, at least for me.

I think that when someone hears a person say, “I’m a writer” they think of someone punching words into a word processor via a keyboard, or the more romantic might think of an industrious individual laboring over reams of paper with a pile of wadded up failures next to them on the



So if you were the Captain of a crippled ship, with only one island within range before your vessel surely sinks, what would you name it?  Captain Dayson names the single K4 class orange dwarf star her crew finds to be close enough to reach “Destiny”.  Disclaimer:  Names may be changed at


First words

Here is the first half of Chapter 1.  This is SciFi, so if it’s not your cup of tea, I apologize.  But it’s what I am, a creative scientist.  Writing SciFi perfectly fills my need for creative expression and research. For the record, I’m not looking for a fan club per se. 


A first step toward Refuge

It seems like there should be something monumental about creating a blog to put your experiences into writing.  I’m actually putting my experiences about writing into writing.  I’ve decided to take the step that so many take and write a novel.  Three in fact.  I know the odds are against it, but